Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Making The Decision

My husband and I knew from the time we were pregnant that we would have a hard decision to make in our son's first few years. We had several discussions about our options for his education, but didn't rush the decision. After all, we had plenty of time...

One day, I was on Facebook and many of my friends were discussing their children starting or returning to school. My first reaction was being thankful that I wasn't faced with that yet. Then, I realized our son would be 2 soon and we really only had about a year to make a final decision. That day, I started researching and requesting information on my options. When my husband got home from work that evening, I told him we needed to make a decision and we could discuss it the following weekend.

We were at the lake that weekend and I brought up the discussion.

ME: Are we sending the little guy to school or homeschooling (Private school is not an option, but that is another post)
DH: Are you up for homeschooling?
ME: Heck yes!!!
DH: Then we will homeschool.

We sighed together with relief. I think we both knew this would be the final call from the beginning. That afternoon, I dove in. I researched the laws, organizations, benefits, possible setbacks, and preschool curriculum. I am still not finished with my research, but we are actively homeschooling our very smart 2 year old.

Our top 10 reasons for homeschooling:

  1. No one is more committed to his success as a person than his parents
  2. There is too much politics in schools and not enough caring
  3. I don't want someone I do not know spending more time with my son than me
  4. I am lucky enough to have the luxury of being a stay-at-home mom, why not take that a step further and teach hi too. 
  5. There is nothing I will not do for my son,  what teacher can say that about their students
  6. I would rather him learn about an ecosystem in the woods behind our house than in a classroom. 
  7. There is nothing a school can give him that I cannot. There are plenty of things I can give him that a school cannot. 
  8. I am so sick of politicians threatening to remove art programs from schools. Education is not the place to cut back. 
  9. Education is about more than is written in books. Education is about life. 
  10. One on one education is better for the mind than 36 to one. 
Note to teachers: I know a lot of you and you are amazing. You are the heart of the schools. I have had many teachers that made a huge difference in my life. I thank all of my previous teachers for helping to mold me into the person I am. Teachers are not the problem. If only teachers ran schools. 


  1. I am not a parent myself and I have not been homeschooled, but I think it has an unfairly bad reputation. There were many times in school when I had trouble because the entire class had to go as slow or as fast as a few students in particular. There is a lot of favoritism, politics, and dishonesty in public schools.

  2. Thank you for visiting! That was a log of my problem in school. I was more advanced, but the favoritism and politics kept the school from doing anything to help. I'm afraid the school system cannot progress until this changes.